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Teams Tutorial

Teams Mod is the part of Flan's Mod that is used to set up round based combat for various gametypes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. This tutorial is for server owners wishing to run such gametypes on their server using Flan's Mod.

1. Flags

Flags are used to designate bases and are used as the capturable flags in CTF-style gametypes. You can spawn them in in creative mode from the "Flan's Mod Teams" tab and place them wherever you wish.

2. Spawners

Spawners come in 3 types:

  • Player spawners designate spawn points for players.
  • Item spawners spawn certain stacks of items you specify. Right click to add the currently held stack, and right click with an empty hand to change the delay.
  • Vehicle spawners spawn vehicles as entities rather than items (currently somewhat buggy). Right click with a vehicle in hand to set the vehicle to spawn, and right click with an empty hand to change the delay.

All can be spawned via the "Flan's Mod Teams" tab in creative mode. By default, spawners are not connected to any bases and so the player spawners will do nothing and the item spawners will spawn items that can be picked up by anyone.

3. Op Sticks

There are 4 sticks (or wands) that you can obtain, through the command "/teams getSticks" as an op, which allow you to set up maps for playing round based games.

  • The Stick of Connecting connects flags to spawners. Right click on a flag and then again on each spawner you want to connect. A fishing rod graphic helps indicate what you are connecting.
  • The Stick of Ownership changes the owner of a flag upon right clicking, through none, Spectator, and each team currently in use.
  • The Stick of Mapping changes the map that a flag belongs to. More on maps later.
  • The Stick of Destruction destroys flagpoles, flags and spawners upon right clicking.

4. Commands

This table shows an overview of each of the teams mod commands. It is much better to use this as a reference when needed than to go through and learn all the commands off by heart. Where a word appears in <these brackets> you need to replace it and the brackets with a valid input. For example, "/teams setGametype <gametype>" may become "/teams setGametype TDM".

"/teams help" List all teams commands
"/teams off"Deactivate teams mod
"/teams arena"The arena setting presets are designed for round based combat
"/teams survival"These presets make teams as unobtrusive as possible and very much like vanilla
"/teams getSticks"Get the four sticks needed to do most of the admin work regarding setting up maps
"/teams listGametypes"List the available gametypes with short names in brackets
"/teams setGametype <gametype>"Set the current gametype. <gametype> should be a name from listGametypes
"/teams listAllTeams"List all teams available in the currently installed content packs, with short names in brackets
"/teams listTeams"List the teams currently in use
"/teams setTeams <team1> <team2>"Set the current teams. Each team name should be a short name from listAllTeams
"/teams addMap <shortName> Create a new map. <shortName> should be one word
"/teams listMaps"List all maps in the current world
"/teams removeMap <shortName>"Remove the given map from the current world
"/teams setMap <shortName>"Set the map currently in use. The shortName should be as listed in listMaps
"/teams addRotation <map> <gametype> <team1> <team2>"Add a map, gametype and pair of teams to the map rotation
"/teams listRotation"List the current map rotation
"/teams removeRotation <ID>"Remove a map from the rotation. ID is as given in listRotation
"/teams useRotation <true / false>"Set whether the map rotation should be used or not
"/teams nextMap"Skip to the next map in the rotation
"/teams goToMap <ID>"Go to a certain map in the rotation
"/teams setVariable <variable> <value>"Set gametype specific variables. More information later
"/teams forceAdventure <true / false>"Whether players should be forced into adventure mode upon respawning
"/teams explosions <true / false>"Whether explosions should damage terrain
"/teams canBreakGlass <true / false>"Whether bullets can break glass
"/teams canBreakGuns <true / false>"Whether players can pick up deployable MGs and AAGuns
"/teams armourDrops <true / false>"Whether team armour is dropped upon death
"/teams weaponDrops <on / off / smart>"How guns drop upon death. Smart drops collect guns and ammo into one entity
"/teams fuelNeeded <true / false>"Whether vehicles need fuel to run
"/teams mgLife <time>"How long the MG despawn timer is. 0 means they never despawn
"/teams planeLife <time>"How long the Plane despawn timer is. 0 means they never despawn
"/teams vehicleLife <time>"How long the Vehicle despawn timer is. 0 means they never despawn
"/teams mechaLife <time>"How long the Mecha despawn timer is. 0 means they never despawn
"/teams aaLife <time>"How long the AAGun despawn timer is. 0 means they never despawn
"/teams vehiclesBreakBlocks <true / false>"Whether vehicles break blocks upon collision

5. Basic Setup

This section gives a checklist for making a simple one map round based combat server

  1. Build a map. You can be as imaginative as you like here. Your map could be anything from an abandoned town or a train station to a mineshaft or a cactus farm.
  2. Place flags to denote each team's base and spawners nearby to indicate where the players will spawn.
  3. Enter "/teams getSticks" in chat.
  4. Do "/teams addMap <shortName> <Long Name>". <shortName> is an identifier to refer to your map by with all commands. It may not contain spaces. The <Long Name> is what the players see in the vote panel.
  5. Right click on the flagpoles with the Stick of Mapping to get the editing GUI. You can set the team and map of this base here.
  6. Right click on a flagpole with the Stick of Connecting (You should get a fishing rod line connected to the flagpole).
  7. Right click on each spawner you want to connect to the flagpole. Note that if you change selected item, the line will disappear.
  8. Do "/teams addRound <mapShortName> <gametype> <team1> <team2> <timeLimit> <scoreLimit>
  9. can be one of "DM", "TDM" or "CTF". For a list of team names (shortNames in brackets) do /teams listTeams
  10. Then do "/teams start"
  11. Play! Players can press G at any time to pick a team and H to view scores.

6. Multimap Server

To add new maps, simply do the "/teams addMap ..." command again and to add new rounds to the rotation do "/teams addRound ..." again.

To use the voting system (it is recommended you have at least 7 or 8 rounds in rotation to use the vote system) do "/teams voting true"

To see all rounds in the rotation do "/teams listRounds". (Note that the popularity of the round is displayed next to each one)

To remove a round do "/teams removeRound <ID>". The IDs are as listed in "/teams listRounds"

7. SetVariable Command

The "/teams setVariable <variable> <value>" command is specific to the currently selected gametype, and so this section goes over its possible uses in more detail.

DM / TDM / CTF / Nerf / Conquest

"/teams setVariable scoreLimit <n>" Set the score limit for each round

TDM / CTF / Nerf / Conquest

"/teams setVariable autobalance <true / false>" Turn autobalance on or off. This keeps the number of players on each team even.
"/teams setVariable friendlyFire <true / false>" Turn friendly fire on or off.


"/teams setVariable captureTime <time>" Set the time it takes to capture a flag.