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Guns, Grenades and Other Tools of War

With Flan's Mod, you can find weapons of many different eras from crossbows, through WW2 guns, to sci-fi laser rifles, and if you can't find what you're looking for, you can make it, play it and share it. The mod adds functionality for scopes, shotguns, rockets, grenades, remote explosives, trip mines, medkits and repair tools, and each content pack may add any number of items of each type. The Flan's Mod teams system allows content pack makers to include weapon loadouts and team setups with custom armour so that you can quickly set up games on your multiplayer server with the content packs you want.

Planes, Cars and Tanks

Now you can travel around your Minecraft world with speed in a realistic way thanks to Flan's Mod myriad of different planes and cars. And when you get into trouble, there are a load of tanks, armoured cars, fighter and bomber planes at your fingertips. Bring your friends and take them on a road trip, have them defend your plane from one of the passenger turret seats or go against them in a heated dogfight and see who has what it takes to rule the skies.

Content Pack System

When (after many days) you get bored of Flan's Mod, just come straight back here and look into the content packs section where a vast amount of custom user-made content packs await you. And when you eventually get bored of those, you can create your own content pack, by drawing icons and skins, sourcing sound files and then writing all the weapon and vehicle information into very easy to understand text files. Flan's Mod is a tool that allows you to play Minecraft with a little bit more technology, but in any way you want to.