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Server: Malughi Conflict [Roleplay]

Malughi Conflict is an ever-expanding WIP but functional roleplay server, where 2 factions are at war: The government and the rebels. To work for the government, you can be a soldier or a police officer. A rebel can be a regular street criminal, or take up arms and join the rebel forces. The day-to-day city life does still exist, there are NPCs and shops which are intact. The war has not yet reached the big city, but is right on the outskirts! You can earn money daily, or by completing missions, and that money can buy you things like vehicles, weapons and even your own apartment or residence! If you want to know more about the server, join our Discord server!


- Run Minecraft with version 1.7.10 and close it again.

- Download the Minecraft Forge installer from here:

- Run the installer

- Once finished, download the server modpack from this link:

- After you have finished downloading, locate your Minecraft directory (standardly set to ".minecraft") (To locate your Minecraft directory, start your Minecraft Launcher, go to Profiles, create a new Profile with the version "1.7.10-Forge....", click on that profile with advanced settings enabled and click the green arrow next to the directory settings, which will redirect you to your Minecraft directory.

- Open the .zip file which contains the modpack

- Move all the files from the .zip file into your Minecraft directory

- Start your game, and you are good to go!

Alternative installation:

- Download the Technic Launcher from their website

- Search for "Malughi Conflict", install it, and you are good to go!

I recommend that you allocate some more RAM to your game, to avoid lag spikes.

See you then, have fun!

Server Address:

Visit website

Email Server Admin