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Server: [MC 1.12.2] Flan's Mod Official Factions

The official server for Flan's Mod, run by Flan.

Mod pack: Currently downloadable from here

[CurseForge moderators are on holiday at the moment, so for now, import the pack into CurseForge manually]

IP Address: [Released at 4pm GMT 1/1/2021]

Info: This is a tech-lite pack, with some Cyclic machines and the Tinker's Construct smeltery being about as complicated as it gets. One major point to note is that we are using Geolosys which modifies ore spawning to be more concentrated in veins. There are custom iron + gold nodes in the Nether and custom diamond nodes in The End though.

The world is full of Lost Cities and Rougelike Dungeons for you to test your mettle against, and we have a Factions plugin for keeping your base safe.

Server Address:

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