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Server: [1.12.2] Mineyc Flan's Mod PvP Survival Server [Dedicated & 24/7]

| The server only requires Flan's Mod and it's official content packs to join. Modpacks are available to make joining easier.

| Download our modpack:

| Install with Technic:

| Import with MultiMC:


| Mineyc would like to welcome you to our modded server.

| The Mineyc Modded server is installed with Flan's Mod which offers a host of new features including working planes, |guns, tanks, cars and many more fun items.


| Our server is dedicated to giving a vanilla-like experience with Flans Mod but with the Factions plugin installed for the |ability to protect your builds. You can choose to build with your friends and the community or hunt down other players |in PvP.

| To ensure that we keep the most vanilla experience possible (excluding the mod) we ensure that only the most important |plugins are installed on our server to protect both the server and the players. No mcMMO, no /tp, no spawning items etc, |we really have tried to keep things as simple as possible.


| We would love for you to join the server and play with us but first you need to make sure you have a few things installed |to be able to.



| This server requires:

| Flan's Mod


| Simple Parts Pack

| Ye Olde Pack

| WW2 Pack

| Nerf Pack

| Modern Weapons Pack

| Titan Pack

| Zombie Pack

| Mecha Parts Pack



| =============================================

| Website:

| TeamSpeak IP:

Server Address:

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Contact Info: Mineyc contact page or forums