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Map: "Mortsvill"Zombie Survival Map

Tags: Zombie

Flan's Mod Mortsvill Zombie Survival Map.

Screenshots are on the website below

Download Is Below

Skip the add and download the file

it should be a zip so extract it into a file

and place in your saves folder in your .minecraft folder

This Is a Flan's Mod Zombie Survival Map taking place in a town called "Mortsvill"

It can be used for LAN servers and servers, or to just play around in single player in.

Version 1.9.2

- fixed Bugs

- Added Emergency Exit in Mine

Version 1.9

-Added Mountain Mine

-Added Grenade Launcher

-Fixed Performance Issues

Version 1.6

-Added An Aircraft carrier

-Closed barn door

-Added Helicopter

Version 1.1

-Fixed a few things I messed up on 1.0

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