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Map: Archaic Research Center


For decades the Archaic Research Center has been quietly studying ancient mines and ruins, but current events of ARC's recent areas of investigation has disturbed and endangered employees. Your job is to go into the mine and find the source of what is causing such havoc, but wait, you notice that it is mysteriously devoid of people. As your private air flight leaves you with your crate of your trusty M14 and M9, rations, and full marine armor you got from the surplus shop, you begin to wonder what is going on. Only after a while do you realize that it is truly abandoned and your new objective is to delve deep into ARC's mines and find out what happened.

AS OF VERSION 2: dont take fire charges from door purgers

Mines are not finished yet but will be in version 3

15-30 mins of gameplay

Map Proudly presented to Flan for the verification of enjoyment to others

VERSION 3 SO FAR: January 9 2014: Finish PLANING the first level which will consist of a power generator room that is missing a conductor (REDSTONE TRAIL PIECE) and button to start it. It will have a furnace room and Oxygen room which will provide and immersive ventilation system throughout the mines. The furnace room, with my near recent discovery of making a furnace produce a redsotne signal, will provide required power to start the generator. There is more, but time is running low.

February 10, 2014: Finished First Level, and finished second and third level planning.



Morse code to get into the door

Redstone decrypter for entrance gate


hidden passages

opening stair cases

retracting hidden walls

door that requires a key


YOU CAN FIND THE MORSE CODE BOOK IN THE FIREWORK MAINTENANCE ROOM! It took me forever to figure out how to go about the morsecode, please try it out.

The Code for the gate is 691358

If you sleep in the iron room at night, a hidden passage will open up. MAKE SURE THE STAIR CASE REMAINS PARTED!

To get the minecart you must sleep in the iron room

The minecart is not a requirement to get into the mine, infact you could walk straight to the mine and forget the Facility.

Once you enter the hidden passage through the temple there is a pressure plate in the long corridor, step on it and you will enter another secret area.

Follow the corridor into a cave and walk to the left of the iron door that is locked.

Behind the gold ore is a lever, click it.

This lever parts an iron ore and reveals another lever, click that.

This lever opens the entire cave wall to your right in an instant.

In the chess is a key, use it to put it in the dropper next to the iron door then click the button.

once you use the minecart to get back up, go to the office up stairs.

There are 2 iron ingots

Go up the elevator and open the vault door to the mess room.

There are two shoots with torches, throw the iron ingots down the shoots.

Once the door is open you are in a library, look to your left and there is a light switch. IN one of the rows there is a lever, easy to spot for now, This opens up a secret passage in the library, find it and there is another lever in it, open it and that opens a door in the middle of the bookcases and thus the reason for the ridiculously long tunnel that goes across the sky, use the minecart to enter the mine, and thus version three shall come.