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Map: Operation: Frostbite Version 0.2.1

A map that was made with worldpainter and MCedit. a good map for playing with your crew on made for 24/12 players or for training. contains small buildings bunkers log piles, etc

Feel free to use this map for your videos but put link to this page in description

NEW IN V 0.2

+Added airfields with jets

+ more buildings / structures

+ Slight change to spawn

+ something more that i probobly forgot

NEW IN V 0.2.1

+small changes to the map

+added chinooks to both factions

+something more that i probobly forgot

Strawpoll for what should be added next!

click on "visit website" for strawpoll aswell

i have looked at the strawpoll and i cant promise anything about the roads since that would be very hard if you ask me plus the snow biome which would cover the road in snow all of the time

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