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Map: Fort Kennedy(New Aircraft Carrier)

Fort Kennedy is a fictional Military Base owned by the US, it is currently WIP and should be finished soon...

and yes this was built by me.

It features the following (so far)

:Russian aircraft-carrier

:under ground garage, holds six M1 Abrams.

:three hangars

:three helipads

:the fort (building) itself

:BIGass walls

:three AA posts


:control tower

:two sniper posts

:a entrance that looks like a face... .-.

To Do

:furnish the hangar, garage, and fort

:add Russian battleships (for invasion purposes)

:add American flag on each wall

:add American Aircraft-carrier

:add sinking American Battleship

:add Easter-eggs

:add armory

:add other shit that I forgot about...

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