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Content Pack: Modern Armor Pack v1.1 [1.7.10][Teams included!]


Version v1.0

-Added crafting recipes for most of the armour

-Added Chinese PLAGF armour

-Added Chinese PLAGF team

Version 0.9

-Added Japanese JGSDF armor

-Added a gas mask for JGSDF

-Added Japanese JGSDF team

Version 0.8

-Added three different Ghillie Suits: Woodland, Snow & Desert

-Now military teams has ghillie suits on their snipers

Version 0.7

-Added American FBI uniform and team

Version 0.6

-Added German BND uniform and team

-Improved Danish PET textures

Version 0.5

-Added Danish PET uniform and team

Version 0,4:

-Added Russian spetsnaz winter armor and team

-Added U.S. Marine winter armor and team