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Content Pack: RoboWorks VAZ Package [Alpha 0.1]

RoboWorks VAZ Package is a content-pack for Flans Mod which adds 22 new vehicles to the game. All models are highly detailed, but not to the extent that they do not fit Minecraft theme. The pack is work in progress, and many more cars will be added. There are currently four main models.

List of current vehicles:

-Classic VAZ-2106 (9 colors)

-Lowered Classic VAZ-2106 (9 colors)

-Classic VAZ-2103 (2 colors)

-Police VAZ-2106

List of planned vehicles:

-VAZ 2101

-VAZ 21011

-VAZ 2102

-VAZ 2104 (Currently in progress)

-VAZ 2105 (Currently in progress)

-VAZ 2107 (Currently in progress)

-VAZ 2108

-VAZ 2109

-VAZ 21099

-VAZ 2110

-VAZ 2112

-VAZ 2113

-VAZ 2114

-VAZ 2115

-VAZ 1111 (Currently in progress)

-VAZ 2121

-and others


1) Download and install Forge for Minecraft 1.7.10

2) Download Flans mod and place it in “mods” folder

3) Create a “flan” folder in .minecraft directory

4) Download RoboWorks VAZ Package and place it in “flan” folder

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