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Content Pack: [1.7.10] Milox-117's Car Package 5 (Remastered)


This is a remaster and bug fixing of the Milox-117 Car Package, credits to Milox-117 for the orginal mod, i just fixed some errors and other things. The mod have 58 cars, almost of europe and asia, some cars have a My Little Pony (MLP) vinyls version.


-Install Flan's Mod 4.8.0 or 4.9.0

-Put the mod jar in Flan folder in .minecraft folder

-And install Simple Parts Pack & WW2 content packs

-/-/-Errors & Bugs-\-\-

*Koenigsegg CCX don't work

*Mitsubishi Eclipse don't work

*Nissan Skyline R34 is flipped


-Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport orignal color and wheels.

-M12 Anniversary texture error fixed (the purple black car)

-All cars speed is more reallistic and fast.

-Some cars turn faster because they have drift properties


-Milox-117 for the orginal mod

-JOOJ1 (me) for the remaster.