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Content Pack: [1.7.10]Global Firestorm 3.2: Thunder Run

A pack set in World War III with many vehicles to choose from. from the Mi-28 Flying Tank to the LAV-25 Amphibious Assault Vehicle. Currently 7 Factions now available: US Marines, US Army, Russia, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the fictional factions Middle Eastern Powers (Ripoff BF2/BF3 Insurgent Group), and the Russian Peoples Army (Ripoff coupe from Ace Combat: AH).

Version 3.2 released, this was a major update in terms redone features. Almost all tanks with "layers" of armor (Composite, ERA, Active Protection, etc) have been reworked, as well as sub-munition ammo types such as APFSDS and Tandem-Warhead ATGMs to counter such armor. New vehicles such as the British Panavia Tornado GR4 and French DV-15 Attack Craft have been added. A few model updates, and variants of aircraft with different payload options.

NOTE: Reccomended NOT for use at 1.8 or above, as most of the pack centers on features from latest FM+ releases. Lookin at you HardcoreFlans...