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Content Pack: [1.7.10] MW Pack-A-Punch Paintjob Pack

Dependencies: Simple Parts Pack

IMPORTANT! This replaces the standard Modern Warfare pack. You ARE still able to play on servers, but you can't use the skins. (Tested on the Official Flan's TDM/CTF/ZOM server)

Ever wanted the look and feel of a Pack-a-Punched weapon, but just couldn't afford it? Well the solution is here my friend! This pack adds the Pack-a-Punch skins to the weapon paint job options, in other words, you can get the badass look of Pack-A-Punch, without all the hassle.

PLEASE NOTE: While these paintjobs may increase the badassery of your weapons, they are NOT a substitute for the real thing. I am not responsible if you get your butt whooped.

Want the real thing?