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Content Pack: [1.7.10/1.7.4]Flans Nerf Elite pack

This Nerf Pack isn't just a regular Nerf pack like original. But, this pack add new guns, new parts and new ammo! You can add barrel, stock, scope, grip on almost blasters.

* Note: I haven't edit the lang file yet.

*This mod is WIP.

*Every blasters are based from real blaster. You may notice that Centurion was inaccuracy, read the real blaster review on google!

--------Change logs--------


-Added Rapidstrike, Triad EX-3, Reflex IX-1, Firestrike, Cam ECS-12, Centurion, Magnus, Hammershot, Hail-Fire.

-Modified Retaliator, Rampage, Strongarm, Stryfe.

-Attachments: Retaliator Barrel Extension, Retaliator Shoulder Stock, Retaliator Grip, Shotblast Scope.


-Added Demolisher 2 in 1, Banana Clip, Missile

-Added Box recipes.


-Fixed a bug. (Demolisher won't fire Banana Clip.)


-Added first Super Soaker Blasters. Barrage!


-Added Roughcut.

-New Ammunition, Double Elite Dart


-Removed Barrage.

-Demolisher Banana Clip's Texture has changed.

-Most flywheels blasters firing delay had decreased.

===========Planned Features===========






-Crossfire Bow

-Melee Weapons

-Masterkey Mod!!!!!



-Errmmm... Maybe.. Buzzbee or Boomco?

-New Line, Rebelle

Please visit my website. You can submit some ideas and report bugs and issues there. I really need help.

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