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Content Pack: [1.6.4]Arctic Assault

I hope MOST of you like my pack and now I am going to tell those who following or like my pack that the Next updates!


1) While still learning how to code the 3D guns and stuff, I retexture the ACR to 32x32(that's mean is HD!)

2) A new sniper rifle(not telling, Suprise)

3)New armor(I am still finding the right skin for It)

4) AT4(not sure)

5)new handGun

6) More choice of bows for the crossbow

If you want to join me to improve this pack, email me!

You can also request guns and recommand things for me!

Email: [email protected]

This pack include guns with snow Camo, Scopes, this pack include,

Assault Rifle: ACR,M16A4,HK416,Famas,AUG

ShotGun: Remington 870,KSG,Springfield M6 scout

HandGun: USP.45

Sniper Rifle: M14EBR, AS50,Crossbow

Tool: Parachute, medic-kit

Explosive: M18 landmine,M67,C4

Armor: Ranger

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