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Content Pack: 1860s Pack (Western Gun Pack) [1.7.10]

This content pack Includes some handguns, rifles and ekstras from the US Civil War and Red Dead Redemption

Im working on this pack until i think its done.

Please enjoy this ;-).

version 1.4


-Borchardt C-93

-Cattleman Revolver

-Double-Barreled Shotgun

-LeMat Revolver

-Sawed-Off Shotgun

-Schofield Revolver

-Sharps Rifle

-Volcanic Pistol

-Throwing Knife


-Fire Bottle


Version 1.5

-Added a banner

Version 1.6

-Fixed the item IDs so you are able to play with both "WW2 Package" and "Western Gun Pack" at the same time :P

Version 1.7

-Fixed the firebottle

Version 1.8

-Updated to 1.7.10

-Added a lot new armor

Version 1.9

-Fixed crafting recipes

-Removed Box II

-Made all the guns and misc craftable in one Gun Box

Version 2.0

-Fixed bugs

Version 2.1

-Made a lot of the armour craftable

-Added an armour box

-Added Confederate team and classes

-Added Union team and classes

Version 2.2

-Fixed bugs

-Added Old Medical Kit

-Better texture for the Butterfield revolver

Version 2.3

-Added Knife

-Added Elgin Cutlas Pistol

-Added new class "Spy"

Version 2.4

-All guns now have melee damage

Version 2.5

-Added Lasso

Version 2.6

-Added crafting for lasso and lasso rope

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