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Content Pack: [1.6.4]All or Nothing 19.0 Dominate The Ground and Battle in Outer Space

It's 2015...China and Russia are quickly taking over the middle east and they are now closing in on Israel, Israel's only ally willing to help is.......America, The Middle East War has started who will win........, Ok now to the pack itself, This pack mostly multiplayer and requires Modern Weapons Pack to function properly, You can play as the People's Liberation Army of China, Russian Federation, US Army Rangers, and the Israel Defense Force's, Btw I would recommend running this on a Urban Themed map,Now Enjoy!

Change log


2.0:Added Scar and Vector

2.1:Changed sound for vector and reduced recoil

3.0:Added AN-94

3.1:Increased AN-94 Damage

3.2:Retexterd AN-94

4.0:Added M27

5.0:Added AEK

5.1:Retextured American Armor, Edited Armor textures, and edited the AK-12 and AK-12U Textures

6.0:Retextured M27 And its Ammo, Reworked AN-94 And made it useful for close quarters

7.0: Added MG36 And HK416(No Recoil and low damage)

8.0:Improved stats for some High Fire Rate Weapons, made the qbz-95 scoped a burst weapon and retextured the AEK

9.0:Added grenade launcher variant of all assault rifles(To Craft Put Launcher Grenade and desired Assault Rifle in Crafting Table and to bring back to normal assault rifle put assault rifle with grenade launcher in crafting table and you get back the old assault rifle)

9.1:Did some improvments

9.2:Fixed some bugs

9.3:More Bug fixes and increased recoil and damage on scar h

9.4:Lowered Vector Recoil, Added L96A1, Made bullpup weapons have higher accuracy, buffed RPD and QBB and replaced MG36 with Negev

10.0:Buffed a shitload of weapons, Added Five-Seven to replace M9 for US Army Rangers

11.0:Added a Famas G3(Fictional)

12.0:Added Ace 23(Replaces HK416, Sorry Taskforce)

13.0:Added a SHITLOAD of Snipers(SV-98, CS/LR4, QBU-88, M40A5)

13.1:Retextured Russian Armor and CS/LR4

13.2:Edited CS/LR4 and edited bullet drop on sniper's

14.0:Patches, and new textures for Ace and Aek(Just a bigger mag for aek) and a new weapon called the Ace 21 CQB has been added

14.1:Retextured AK-12's and Aek

14.2:Changed AK-12's to a much more realistic texture

14.3:Rextextured AEK to Bad Company Style

15.0:Reworked multiplayer class system to a battlefield

system(assault,engineer,support, and recon)

16.0:Added Space armors and the same teams with space suits for multiplayer

17.0:Reworked multiplayer, now player has tokens for the specific class, 4 tokens for a secondary, and 2 tokens for a gadget(Grenades, Claymore, Etc)

which you get from the weapon box(it has all the weapons in this mod, Might add Modern Weapons Guns too but for still thinking)

17.1:Made stack size for assault tokens 6 now

17.2:Added Five-Seven to box and made A Famas grenade launcher

17.3: Retexterd the QB-95B and fixing a bug with Recon

18.0: Added AUG A3, Reworked Grenade Launcher to make it more useful

19.0:Added F2000, A-91, and More!

For Multiplayer

Russia=rgf Space Russia=rgfs

America=usar Space America=usars

Israel=idf Space Israel=idfs

China=pla Space China=plas

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