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Content Pack: Zero's gun pack for 1.5.2 ( updated by Peter).

I added more guns in this pack,such as:

Automatic Saiga12-Full Automatic Shotgun.

RPG-28-Big Power.

Tiger-SVD of russian hunters.

SVD-standard russian sniper rifle.

Modern RPD-Modern version of standard russian RPD.

RPD-standard russian machine gun.

Modern RPK-Modern version of RPK.

MP-661 Drozd-pneumatic assault rifle.

PKP Pecheneg-russian heavy machine gun.

GSH-18-russian handgun of Grazevov and Shipunov.

AK-12-modern version of AK.

Modern AN-94 Abakan-modern version of AN-94.Can use 40mm grenade!

MP-443 Grach-handgun of Jarygin with big mag.



SVL-Modern Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Added ammo for this guns.

Fixed some textures.

Added Two teams-Russian Army and Russian Civillians(ra and rc).

Added Russian Ground Forces Armor.


Added AS Val-12-heavy russian modern rifle(not real gun).

Aks-12u-stealth rifle(real gun).

SVD-12-sniper rifle(not real gun,but maybe real,uses in Battlefield)

Dragunov Ammo 15 bullet mag-only for SVD-12

SVK-old sniper rifle of Kalashnikov.(use Dragunov Ammo or R10 ammo).

New shoot sound of RMG.

All hunters and spetsnazs said that in Russian Federation guns are not for civillians,but if it will be civillian war,civillians of Russia will use guns.In USA civillians alaways use handguns or carbines.

Remember-this pack is for Flan's mod 2.3.1. If you want to play with it,delete Zero's gun pack REdVer.

Sorry for my bad English.