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Content Pack: Elite Guns! (5.0) Modern Guns! - 1.7.2

Welcome to my Pack!

This pack will not get updated anymore!

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v5.0 (22.04.2014)

Added M1911 (+ Ammo, + Scope)

New Mildot Scope (DMR)

New M16 Reddot sight

Updated to 1.7.2

v4.0 (13.04.2014)

Added M14 DMR (+ Ammo , + Scope)

Retexted Descripton of Ammo

THANKS for over 600 Downloads and 1 Dollar at

v3.1 (3.04.2014)

Fixed a Bugg

v3.0 (2.04.2014)

Thanks for over 250 Downloads!

Added new PSO Scope

Retextured M16 a bit

v2.5 (28.03.2014)

Added M16A4

Time I needed for the gun : 45 Minutes

v2.0 (28.03.2014)

Thanks for 104 Downloads!

Retextured SVD

Retextured SVD/Pso Scope

Retextured SVD Mag

New Weapon Box texture (Sphax)

v1.3 (26.03.2014)

34 Downloads :P

Retextured AUG

Retextured AUG Scope

Retextured AUG Mag

v1.0 (19.03.2014)

+ AUG A3 added

+ SVD Dragunov added

+ AUG Magazin added

+ SVD Magazin added

+ Weapon Box added!

95% Self maked!

I've used:

Magix 2014

Gimp 2

Sound Converater

Google Pictures :P

---- If you make a Server pls contact me !

[email protected]