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Server: Monorisu Official Server (1.6.4)

The official server of monorisu productions. It has a bunch of mods, so watch the video and get the mod "pack" or else you won't be able to get on!

Server Description: Uh, get lost, become civilized, unlock the secrets of industrialization, then use your advanced technology to perfect the art of annihilating your enemies.

Goal of the server: It is really just a big public relations stunt for Monorisu Productions

Staff policies: Tired of the staff consisting of only the owner's friends? Then you have came to the wrong server. However, the staff is forced by the owner to have at least a tiny bit of honor, and if they do kill you for no reason, they will give back your stuff.

the mod "pack": The mod pack does not install itself, it requires the user to have an IQ of at least 5 to operate it. To get to the pack, use the link down below, then go to forums, then general discussion, and it should be in the first thread there. Once installed, the mod pack has lots of hidden features, like improved stats in the flan content packs that are not found if you download them yourself. (That means tank shells actually harm tanks on this server!)

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