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Content Pack: [1.8] [1.7.10] Dr_prof_Luigi's pack [Updated 6-19-2017] ver. 2.0.1

1.8 AND 1.7.10 compatible!

ver. 2.0.0 fixes a lot of bugs:

- floating cars no longer float

- bouncy cars no longer bounce

- DeLorean is resized to be more appropriate, and has round wheels

- Your game no longer crashes when trying to craft the vehicles!

Requires SMP parts pack:

This modpack adds a few vehicles into the game:

A classic tuner

A convertible Tuner (actually converts)

3 1957 chevys (Dukes of hazard, with load, army)

An M3 Half-Track (WIP but cool)

A bicycle

A modified snow M3 Half-Track

A solar plane

The Equalist Biplane from legend of Korra

SSW Riesenflugzeuge series R .VII

A helicopter made out of blocks (Actual Heli 1.7.10)

A DeLorean


YES! Just let me know!

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